Healthy Packed Lunches

Given that we are all going to be navigating school packed lunches for the foreseeable future, BISB parent and award winning author, Heather Sears, has agreed to give us her expert advice on a regular basis on how to stay organized and provide healthy, nutritious meals.

Include smaller portions of more food options for a more flavorful lunch. Flavor actually decreases with each bite of the same food. It is called sensory-specific satiety. Your taste buds experience diminishing returns with continued exposure to the same flavor. Keeping portion size smaller can maximize enjoyment of a food – the last bite will taste better with a smaller portion. 

Make lunches while making dinner. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same meal but it will save time because food and prep tools are out and you can do one clean up instead of multiple.

Do partial prep for the week. Prep 2 or 3 staples for the week to easily on hand for quick lunch or snack integration. Think about food that will last such as hard boiled eggs, quinoa, chopped veggies, pre-portioned snacks.

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Heather is the Founder of Kinsho – the largest bento lunch box store on Amazon. She is also the author of the 4x award winning book Mind to Mouth: A Busy Chick’s Guide to Mindful Meals. She lives in the South End with her husband and son Grayson (Year 6 at BISB).