Webinar on Computer and Mobile Device Use at BISB

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend Mondays Zoom Webinar on Computer and Mobile Device Use at BISB. We hope you found the presentation informative and helpful. For those parents who were unable to join the webinar, you can access the slides from the presentation for you to read at your convenience here.

As we discussed in the webinar, over the past 10 months or so the use of computers and other devices has definitely been important for all of us to continue with school, work and stay connected socially. On the flip side whilst there are many positives, it is important to recognize there are many challenges that we personally, and as families, face with the increased use of computers and electronic devices. 

The BISB-PA understands that when it comes to technology there are many challenges for us as parents including things such as being able to balance the amount of time our children spend on screen and off screen, monitoring and limiting our children’s online screen time and activity, and knowing what apps or games are appropriate for our children. This can especially be daunting for those of us who are not tech savvy! With this in mind we want to keep the conversation going within the community, and are aiming to set up a shared database of information, ideas, tips and tricks and will send out more information soon. In the meantime, please join the BISB-PA Facebook page for our most up to date information.

Lastly, the BISB-PA is pleased to announce a follow up Family Tech Talk Webinar on February 9th at 7pm with an Internet safety expert from Trend Micro, who will share the latest trends, give advice on how to help your child use the Internet responsibly, and answer parent questions in a Q&A session. We’ll discuss what our children are doing online and how to teach them to be smart, safe, and respectful digital citizens. Look out for further information from us soon!

If anyone has any questions following the webinar, please feel free to email them to the us at parents@bisboston.org.