Visiting the dentist during the pandemic.

Please feel safe taking your kids to a pediatric dentist. The following are most of the steps that almost all offices have implemented. Pre-Covid, the dental office has always been the cleanest facility aside from an OR. We are experts in infection control already. Before Covid, dental offices abide by strict OSHA regulated requirements for infection control. Now, dentists  have gone over and beyond all requirements with:

  • Air purifiers with 5-6 air turns per hour in all treatment rooms and waiting areas.
  • Full PPE: N95 masks/surgical mask on top/face shield/surgical gowns/shoe covers/hair covers
  • Sneeze guards and social distancing markers at the check-in and check-our areas.
  • Curbside check in, stay in your car until it’s your turn for the appointment.
  • Cavicide antimicrobial used to disinfect All surfaces
  • Longer appointment visits to allow for extra disinfection and minimize patient overlap. 
  • High speed suctions and rubber damn isolation to minimize aerosol production
  • Pre-screening questions the day prior to the appointment as well as at the time of the visit. Temperatures taken as soon as patients and parents walk in.
  • Protective barriers placed on frequently touched items in the treatment rooms.

Here are some tips while staying at home more:

  • Minimize sugary and sticky snacks, avoid gummy vitamins
  • Minimize juice and sugary drinks and drink more water.
  • Minimize frequent snacking. Frequency of foods causes increased decay, especially if the food has a high sugar content.
  • Change your toothbrush after an illness and keep your toothbrush at least 6 ft away from the toilet. If your bathroom is small, close the toilet lid before flushing if you can’t protect your toothbrush.
  • Even if at home again, remember self care is so important! Brush after breakfast, wash your face and hands and take care of body.

And most importantly, remember to drink lots of water when wearing masks. We are tending to drink less water with masks on which will lead to dehydration, dry mouth and an increased risk of tooth decay.

I can speak for all pediatric dentists when I say we love our patients and our patients’ safety is our number 1 concern.

A BISB Parent for the past 8 years and with children in Year 4 and Year 3, Dr Golnaz Movafaghi is a Pediatric Dentist with 20 years of clinical experience. She earned her dental degree from Tufts University, completed her residency in Pediatrics at Boston University and earned an MBA in healthcare management from Boston University. She and her husband Dr Carlos Abboud, a Periodontist, have 2 multi-speciality private practices in Norwood and New Bedford.