Last Chance To Buy Your Virtual Balloons!

The Middle and High School students have been busy voting for their Teacher of the Week and we are pleased to announce that the results are in and the lucky winner is Mrs Dolan form the Science Department! Congratulations!  Mrs Dolan has been gifted a virtual balloon by The BISB-PA to enable her to enter the Virtual Balloon Race Challenge which begins at noon on Wednesday!

This is now your last chance to buy your balloons and enter the race. Bruno was out and about on Monday afternoon reminding everyone to take part and to buy their balloons. Balloons must be bought before 8:30am on Wednesday 23rd September in order to guarantee being able to take part. So don’t delay! Over 300 virtual balloons have been sold and are ready to race. Head over to and buy yours now. Who will win the race and a $50 Amazon gift card?!