Healthy Packed Lunches #2

Given that we are all going to be navigating school packed lunches for the foreseeable future, BISB parent and award winning author, Heather Sears, has agreed to give us her expert advice on a regular basis on how to stay organized and provide healthy, nutritious meals.

Include hydrating foods for colder weather.

With the dry air that can accompany colder weather, and the reality that kids do not always drink their water during the day, it is helpful to support hydration with food that have high water content. Juicy fruits and vegetables (oranges, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) can help with this.

Use up the bits. 

Variety is the spice of life and also can provide nutritional diversity and balance. Look creatively at the leftovers in your fridge to create a mini-smorgasbord of nibbles for lunch. Portions can be small but combining several small portions can feel like a feast!

Mise en place. 

Having “everything in its place” as mise en place suggests is a great practice for feeling in control during the potentially chaotic lunch making hour.  Creating a “grab and go” pantry with pre-prepped and portioned items can help. As can having meal templates where you can quickly fill in the blanks, such as 1 serving each of all food groups. See our blog for more details on a simple roadmap for bento prep success.

Heather is the Founder of Kinsho – the largest bento lunch box store on Amazon. She is also the author of the 4x award winning book Mind to Mouth: A Busy Chick’s Guide to Mindful Meals. She lives in the South End with her husband and son Grayson (Year 6 at BISB).