And the Winners are…

Over the course of the last 7 days, our balloons have been racing against each other to see who will be crowned the winner of the inaugural BISB-PA Virtual Balloon Race Challenge! The results are now in and verified and we are thrilled to announce that the winner is ‘I’m a Winner’, owned by Lila Cherny! Huge congratulations – a very apt name for a balloon indeed – your Amazon Gift Card will be emailed to you shortly. ‘I’m a Winner’ traveled a total of 782k, stopping just short of Labrieville in the Canadian province of Quebec, a full 180km further than the second place balloon.

The balloons initially headed out over the Cape and into the Atlantic before a sudden change in wind moved them north along the New England coastline and up into Canada. Some of us learnt the hard way that our decisions regarding helium content, shape and thickness of material were not wise and popped balloons were stopped in their tracks. Others caught different wind directions and were unable to follow the pack.

A few special mentions are necessary:

– To ‘Full of Hot Air’ which was the first balloon to pop after only 36 hours of racing;

– To the Sheedy family who managed to land 3 balloons in the Top 10;

– To Mrs Dolan, who was gifted a balloon by the BISB-PA after being voted ‘Teacher of the Week’ by the Middle and High School students, and who placed 11th.

Winners Certificates to all who placed in the Top 20 and Certificates of Appreciation to the many of you who bought more than 3 balloons will be emailed shortly. The BISB-PA would like to thank all of you who took part and entered into the spirit of the event, we hope that you had as much fun as we did!

Top 20 Balloons

  1. I’m a Winner
  2. Team Sheedy
  3. Bracki
  4. As Light As A Feather
  5. The Johnsons
  6. Bob
  7. Wilfredo (in memory)
  8. Mike #2
  9. Balloon
  10. Vikrant
  11. Mrs Dolan
  12. Boston Celtics
  13. Madeline’s Balloon
  14. Balloon
  15. Lead Balloon
  16. Viraaj
  17. Pig
  18. Max G #1
  19. Bella
  20. Emma Nicholas