The BISB-PA is a registered, non-profit organization, managed by an elected Executive Board, consisting of 10 Committee Chairs. The BISB-PA also supports several volunteer Subcommittees. By-laws are available upon request from the BISB-PA president.

Committee Chairs

The President oversees all business of the BISB-PA and is the main contact between the organization and the school.

The Vice President assists the President in all duties and also oversees the Elections process.

The Treasurer/Secretary is responsible for accurately reporting all finances of the BISB-PA and is also responsible for keeping all records of the BISB-PA.

The Communications Committee serves to centralize communication between the School, BISB-PA committees, and families to keep everyone informed of upcoming events. It is responsible for including regular updates in the weekly newsletter and maintaining the BISB-PA online presence via the website and social media channels.

The Social Events Committee plans and organizes all social events for the BISB-PA and assists at school events. The Social Events Committee is a great way to volunteer at BISB and participate directly in school activities. The Social Events Committee is also responsible for managing the Parent Volunteer database for the BISB-PA.

The New Families/Welcome Committee works with the School Administration and the BISB-PA to welcome new families to our community and provide them with relevant information and support.  The Committee’s aim is to make sure they feel welcome and included in the BISB family from the moment they are accepted to BISB.

The School Committees, which include Class Representatives for each year group, work to facilitate the flow of information between the BISB-PA, teachers, and parents.


The Staff Appreciation Subcommittee plans, organizes, and implements opportunities throughout the school year to express our appreciation to all staff members for their dedication and hard work.

The School Spirit Subcommittee coordinates and oversees the stocking and logistics of the School Spirit Store as well as facilitates the sale of BISB merchandise at school events and other occasions.

The Pre-loved Uniform Subcommittee oversees the collection and sale of donated, previously owned uniform. It will maintain the Uniform Shop, making sure that all items are catalogued and stored neatly, and will recruit volunteers as needed for opening hours.

The Silent Auction Subcommittee undertakes the planning and hosting of the Silent Auction Fundraiser in December. The Silent Auction is the main funding initiative for the BISB-PA. Revenues generated from the Silent Auction fund all BISB-PA activities for the fiscal year.

The Community Partners & Sponsorship Subcommittee works to create meaningful partnerships with local and national brands in order to support the mission of the BISB-PA.

The Town Hall & Guest Speaker Subcommittee plans and organizes the once-a-term Town Hall with the School Leadership Team as well as special Guest Speaker events focused on topics of interest to the parent body.

If you are interested in being a Chair, Lead-coordinator or simply volunteer for any of the committees or subcommittees, or have any suggestions for new programs or fundraising opportunities, please click here.