Virtual Balloon Race Challenge 2021

The BISB-PA have launched their Fall 2021 Fundraiser – a VIRTUAL BALLOON RACE CHALLENGE!

Unlike traditional latex balloon races, where the balloon can cause death or serious injury to wildlife and farm animals, the BISB-PA Virtual Balloon Race is 100% environmental and litter abuse friendly! Plus, with no actual balloon, string or label, and no helium gas either, it’s climate change positive too.

For the next 4 weeks everyone can buy virtual balloons for $10 each through our dedicated website The virtual balloons can be completely personalized by color, patterns and name, so go ahead and get creative. Racers will have to put their science skills to the test choosing the right amount of helium, the correct thickness of rubber, and the best shape of balloon to make their balloon travel the farthest.

The balloons will be launched virtually on October 9th at noon, from outside BISB, and will race for 7 days! You can follow the race 24/7 and track your balloon from our dedicated website once the race begins.

There will be prizes for winners across multiple categories and a special thank you gift from the BISB-PA, for any racer who purchases 3 or more balloons.